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Online Freelance Academy
Queenie Verhoeven Online Freelancing Academy Mentor

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"Queenie is an impressive and dedicated mentor. She provides precise course content and practical assignments. I appreciate her efforts to individually go through all the assignments and also in giving us extensive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed following the Starter's Pack where we went through all the basic and "must-do's" when searching for an online job. 


I am looking forward to learn much more in the One-on-One Mentoring and the Apprentice programs."


Dr. Falguni Kothari 

Homeopathic Doctor & Expat


"I really love the step-by-step guide towards landing a legitimate virtual job that this course provides. I would say though that this course will work only for those who are really serious about working online.


It's mostly hands-on training and there are several assignments to complete before you can move up to teh next lesson. So if you don't put effort into this course, I don't think you will benefit from it. But hey, it's all worth it and it's only for 6 weeks!"


Sophia van Buren 

Mother and wife



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Hi there! I’m so glad you are here. I would like to welcome you to Your Business Ally Academy. This is a small (but beautiful) online academy that I founded in July 2015 with the pilot course called Online Job 101 - Learn How to Successfully Land A Legitimate Online Job 


My name is Queenie Verhoeven. I am a mother, a wife, a Virtual Business Assistant, an Online Business Manager, a Virtual Educator and an Online Entrepreneur.


That’s quite a lot, right? But yes, I am all that and more. You may have noticed though that apart from "mother" and "wife" designations, everything else that I mentioned has the word “online” or “virtual”. Being virtual is the reason why I am able to wear all these hats. Working online gives me the freedom to do different things without getting overwhelmed and crazy. Well, I do get cranky at times but still able to get things very well done. Thanks to my being so online and so virtual. :-)


Now, here is a piece of caution. Even though I say these things in such a way that it may sound as if  “working online or virtual job” is easy-peasy, in reality, it is not, especially if you are just starting out. While it is not rocket science, working online is quite a challenge - physically, mentally, emotionally and financially particularly if you are a beginner. You don’t become successful in it overnight but if you press on with enough hard work, patience, passion, and smarts plus a little bit of loving help from people who have been there, done that ... yes ... people like me, you will get there in no time.  


I have been a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager for small business start-ups and growing entrepreneurs for over a decade now. I made a lot of mistakes but also achieved successes in all those years. Most importantly,  I learned valuable lessons from all the good, the bad and the ugly that came with it. I want to share those lessons with you with the hope that it will give you a clear roadmap towards a successful online career. I started from scratch just like you with no virtual work experience at all, no online portfolio, no recommendation and no financial investment. I struggled in the first couple of years but steadily grew my virtual career from there. 


I have to be honest though that this profession HAS NOT made me rich!

At least not yet, hahaha! It does give me a steady flow of decent income while having the freedom to work wherever I am on the planet that has an internet connection. Plus, I get to be connected with so many entrepreneurs from different parts of the world and I learn from each of them all the time. So, if you are here aiming to get financially rich from a virtual job, then you are in the wrong place. That may be possible but I am not the right mentor for that. :-) What I will be teaching you here is how to be smart and successful in finding an online job that pays and a job that will get you started with your professional online career. 
I am not here to teach you how to get rich by working from home. 


This course is kind of paying it forward to the universe. It is meant for you to get started with an online career, starting off with your first online job. This is mainly meant for those who want to work online as a freelancer but we also do have a wealth of information here for those of you who are looking for a corporate online job. 


This is your Roadmap. Your Blueprint.  Your Guide. The promise is that after 8 weeks, you will be totally equipped with knowledge, resources, and confidence to get you started with a successful online career.

here and get started now with the course Online Job 101: How to Successfully Land A Legit Online Job.  






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