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frequently asked questions about virtual business assistance



The packages listed below are exclusively for our Proactive Virtual Assistance Service. If you're interested in Website Development, Marketing Plan Services or Online Course Launch Support, please reach out to Queenie at directly. She'll have a chat with you about your unique requirements and give you a personalized fixed price quote that suits your needs.

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Are you in search of a proactive and efficient Virtual Assistant who can provide assistance for just a few hours each month? Someone who can be your "relief cook" and who can step in when you or another member of your kitchen brigade -- your business team -- couldn't get the job done due to a hectic business pace or lack of a specific skill set? Our Starter's Pack, designed for 6 hours per month, is the ideal solution for you. The exact coverage within those 6 hours will be tailored to meet your unique business needs and desires. Reach out to us today and let us customize the perfect package for you. 

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If you are embarking on the exciting journey of discovering the undeniable value and immense potential of a proactive Virtual Assistant for your business, or if you are seeking a dependable addition to your team, look no further than the Light and Easy Pack. Designed to meet your specific needs, this package offers 12 hours of coverage per month. Take the first step towards success by contacting us today to tailor a package just for you. Let's unlock the full potential of your business together!

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Are you in need of a reliable, experienced, and proactive virtual assistant to help you plan your business menu? Do you dream of having someone who can gather all the necessary ingredients - the essential business tools - and then expertly prepare and serve them to meet your unique business dietary needs and personal preferences? If this sounds like what you've been searching for, then the Full Course pack is exactly what you need.


With this package, you'll receive 25 hours of dedicated virtual assistance each month. It's designed especially for ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself who are looking to establish or streamline their business processes and systems to accommodate their growing needs. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work required but still want to thrive without getting bogged down by technical or non-technical challenges, this package is tailor-made for you.


The specific allocation of those 25 hours will be determined based on your individual business requirements. Get in touch with us today so we can customize a package that perfectly suits your needs. Together, we'll create a recipe for success!

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This exclusive package is designed to cater to our esteemed clients who have been part of our family for at least a year. However, we are more than happy to extend this offer to new clients as well. What truly matters to us is developing a deep understanding of your business - its nature, operations, and your vision for its success. We strive to gain an intimate familiarity with your work style, preferences, and any limitations you may have. This level of understanding can only be achieved through meaningful engagement over time, which is why many of our loyal clients find this package their favorite choice.


What sets this package apart is the inclusion of services that go beyond our standard menu. Are you looking for customized ideas exclusively tailored to your business? Perhaps you want to explore new tools, systems, or platforms but need expert guidance? Or maybe you seek our professional opinion on any aspect related to our core services such as proactive virtual assistance, online course launch, website design and development, and marketing plans.


And here's the best part - by choosing this package, you not only get exceptional value but also enjoy our Extra Specials. These include one or a combination of the following:


1. Free quarterly 90-minute one-on-one check-in sessions

2. Free quarterly statistical reports with analysis and recommendations based on Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, Email Marketing Analytics (or any other analytics platform relevant to your business)

3. Yearly creation or update of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your business that streamline systems and enhance productivity even in the absence of team members

4. Free website maintenance including theme upgrades, plugin updates, backups, and monthly audits to ensure optimal functionality

5. Customized extra specials tailored specifically to meet your unique business needs and personal preferences such as a free Customer Relationship Management system like Zoho CRM or select Wordpress plugins including membership plugins


We understand that every business has its own requirements and aspirations. That's why we encourage you to CONTACT US so that we can customize a package specifically tailored to meet your needs. With us, you can pay less and get more - it's the perfect package for your business's growth and success!

Each service package offered by Your Business Ally is designed to provide you with Proactive Virtual assistance.

With a minimum commitment of 12 months, our retainer packages ensure that you have consistent and reliable support throughout the year.


We understand that sometimes you may not be able to fully utilize all your monthly hours. That's why any unused hours will be carried over to the following month, giving you the flexibility to make the most of your investment. However, please note that these carried-over hours must be used within a period of ONLY 180 days. After this time frame, they will be considered fully consumed.


In case you require additional hours beyond what is included in your package, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Excess hours will be charged at an extra cost based on your package's hourly rate.


To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience, recurring fees apply to all our packages. This means that you will be charged a monthly recurring fee for the entire duration of the retainer agreement. By opting for a retainer package, not only do you secure ongoing support but also benefit from long-term cost savings.


If committing to a retainer package feels too soon for your business needs, we offer our Proactive Virtual Assistance services at an hourly rate of $59. With this option, you can still access the expertise of Your Business Ally without entering into a long-term agreement right away.


For Marketing Plan, Website Developmentand Online Course Launch Support, we invite you to contact us directly so we can discuss your specific requirements in detail and provide you with a fixed price quote tailored to your needs.


Please note that there is no money-back guarantee associated with our services. However, we do offer a 5-hour trial at a non-refundable rate of $199. This trial period allows you to experience firsthand the value and quality we bring as Your Business Ally. Following this trial period, it is entirely up to you whether to continue with our services or explore other options.


At Your Business Ally, we are committed to supporting your business growth and success. Choose us as your trusted ally, and together we can achieve great things.

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