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Queenie's quality of work is outstanding. She is thorough and detail oriented, always asking the right questions and providing a superior level of quality control for the team's work. She has always met deadlines - typically early, is dependable and requires little instruction. She is pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

CRM, Website Design and Development Assistance, Document Management, Marketing Collaterals, Team Coordination, Online Business Management


Suzanne Hanger

CEO, On Point Realty, LLC

Maryland, USA

Your Business Ally is an integral part of office management, business development, and marketing support at Aspire Pilates. They're most conscientious, reliable, always available, always anticipating.  They're precise with numbers and reporting. 

Queenie, the owner and founder of Your Business Ally is most personable, she knows what's going on in the business and personal life. More importantIy, she and her team have an outstanding work ethic. I would recommend Your Business Ally to any business owners and private practitioners who wish to grow. They will take care of important details while you will focus on driving the growth.


Email Management, Newsletter Set Up and Management, CRM Set Up and Management, Invoicing System Set Up and Management, Quarterly Financial Reporting, Document and File Management, Marketing Collateral Development and Management, Customer Service, Facebook Marketing, Website Development and Management

Lucy Bosscher

Owner / Founder
ASPIRE Pilates

the Netherlands

Your Business Ally is an indispensable ally in making my business work. They're very detail oriented, super organized, problem solvers and incredibly reliable. Working with Your Business Ally has been an absolute joy and I highly recommend them without reservation.


Newsletter Management, Email Automation, Blog Management, Facebook Marketing, Facebook Community Management, Team Coordination, Membership Site Development for Radiant Body Reboot,

Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola

Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Radiant Health Magazine

United States of America

Your Business Ally is a highly organised and efficient administrator. They focus on results and are ready to go the extra mile in order to meet deadlines. They truly are your business ally when you need them most.


Newsletter Management, Email Automation, PayPal Set Up and Management, Eventbrite Set Up and Management, Online Course Launch Support, Landing and Sales Pages, Online Event Support

Ebere Akadiri

Rise & Lead Women

the Netherlands

Your Business Ally is incredibly reliable to work with. Queenie, the owner and founder, is really easy to communicate with, makes sure that her team completes work to a very high standard. 



Research, CRM, Email Response Handling, Assistance in Grant Application,   Data and File Management, Personal Assistance

Lachy Ritchie

CEO, Dismantle

Perth, Australia

Just wanted to take a moment to give you a big shoutout and say THANK YOU from me and my awesome team. We seriously can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us.


You see, we're pretty darn good at what we do - engineering and architecture are our bread and butter. But when it came to getting our ideas out there in the world, we were at a loss for words (literally!). That's where you swooped in like a superhero!


From building our website to setting up our email system, you've been instrumental in helping us showcase our talents. And let's not forget that beautiful company profile, those snazzy business cards, and that mind-blowing marketing plan. Seriously, all of it has made such a huge impact on our business.


And here's the best part - thanks to your hard work, we've seen a whopping 100% increase in appointments and contracts compared to last year. Talk about amazing results! We know we threw some tight deadlines your way, but you didn't bat an eye. You worked overtime like champions to get everything done ASAP.


So once again, from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU! We couldn't be more thrilled with the partnership we have with Your Business Ally, and we can't wait to keep working together in the future.



Website Design and Development, Marketing Collaterals, Company Email Account Set Up, Marketing Plan Development, Office Management

Kismet Escanuela

Managing Director

TCEJ Designers & Builders
The Philippines

Your Business Ally demonstrated excellent communication and project management skills. The job was accomplished in a very professional manner and they did not hesitate to ask questions to improve the overall quality of the production. They also took into account all the feedback that we gave to help them improve the efficiency of the process. Will definitely hire again.



Social Profile Management, Project Management

Martial Humblot



Queenie's manner of being, her calm, warm and welcoming way of dealing with people and her strong organisational skills have meant that not only is she a pleasure to work with, but she has been an instrumental contributor to the organisation as such. 



CRM, Helpdesk Management, Training Coordination, Training, Reports Management

Deborah Valentine

Executive Director

the Netherlands

One of the major projects that Your Business Ally did for us was our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which made service delivery to our customers a lot more professional and efficient. It opened the lines of communications with and among our stakeholders and provided us with direct and constant market reaction to our products, services and performance.


They also set up for us our Email Marketing system using Zoho Campaigns and took us through all the processes which enabled us to work on it on our own.


We truly appreciate Your Business Ally’s enthusiasm, follow-up skills, excellent project management skills and technical skills. They're detail-oriented, highly effective multi-tasker and confident in all the projects that they were involved in. 



Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Project Management, Proposals Creation, Memorandum of Agreement Creation, Vendors Liaison and Communication, Sytem Training for The Team

TNB Team


Prior to setting up Your Business Ally, Queenie started her Virtual Assistance career on Upwork, the largest online job platform in the world where business owners and freelancers meet and connect.


Although not anymore very active on this platform (since most of her clients now find her through her own website and word of mouth), she had nothing but only great experience working with clients who found her via this online job marketplace. 


Click on the gallery below to view what her Upwork clients had to say about their experience in working with her.



Social Media Management, Website Development, Document Management, Facebook Management and Marketing, Project Management, Marketing Management

Upwork Clients

From different parts of the world

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