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Soaked with the right know-how; cooked with different strokes for different "woks" approach.

Among other factors, a mix of autocratic and democratic management style is necessary for outstanding project management, sleek execution of deliverables, budget compliance and right on time delivery.




















While some projects can be managed by just getting started and taking things as they go, many projects require a good understanding of planning and organizing. Most projects also profit from a more structured and disciplined management approach.


Your Business Ally assures you that every project management function - from making certain that processes match the requirements, developing a functional calendar, crafting tools and systems for progress reports and team coordination to managing and controlling quality - goes through a careful, meticulous and thoughtful consideration.


Some of the tools that Your Business Ally uses aside from the usual office tools when managing projects are Zoho ProjectsPodioTrello, Asana, Basecamp, SlackTime Doctor and HubStaff, among several others.

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For a fixed fee of $199 Your Business Ally offers a trial of five (5) working hours for everything that she serves. All of your $199 goes to selected purpose-driven organizations that she supports or to communities and individuals needing help and assistance. She figured this is better than a FREE Trial. Don't you think so too? And because she prepares and cooks almost everything virtual, she guarantees you the best value. Remember, you don't get Your Business Ally because she is inexpensive. You get her because she is good! Email Your Business Ally HERE to try her out for 5 hours.

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