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  • Queenie Verhoeven

The Happy Truths About Working Online

happy truths about working online

Hey there! Remember when I spilled the beans on the less glamorous aspects of working online? If you missed it, no worries! Just click here and catch up before diving into this juicy piece.

Now, hold onto your hats because today we're flipping the script and delving into the fabulous truths of working online. Get ready to soak up some serious good vibes!

Let's do this.

Someone (was it Bob Marley?) once said, "Love the life you live. Live the life you love." And let me tell you, I can totally relate to that now that I've found a job I truly adore. Working online has brought so much freedom and joy into my life.

Sure, it's not always smooth sailing but the fact that I can take my work with me anywhere is priceless! No need to stress about losing my job if I decide to move to another country or city. As long as I have my reliable computer and an internet connection, I'm good to go.

Now let's dive into the happy truths about online jobs:

1. Choice and flexibility: When you work online, you have the power to choose where and when you work. Got kids? No problem! You can attend all their school activities without missing a beat. Or if you're single, feel free to catch a movie or go on a date whenever suits your fancy. Your work hours are set by YOU, unless of course if you chose to work fixed hours with your client or employer.

2. Lower stress levels: Say goodbye to annoying bosses peering over your shoulder or asking for random errands during your precious work time. Plus, no more dealing with irritating colleagues – they can be such a pain in the butt! And let's not forget about traffic – no commute means less stress from being stuck in gridlock.

3. Cost saving and efficiency: Say hello to saving money! With no commute, transportation costs become a thing of the past. Goodbye daily office attire and makeup expenses too – hello comfy pajamas! And if you have little ones at home, working online means saving on childcare expenses while still being able to look after them.

4. No commute = improved productivity: Imagine all the time you'll save by skipping the daily commute. Instead of wasting hours on the road, you can use that time to be productive. Answer emails, set up appointments, or even have a quick Skype meeting – all before others have even arrived at the office!

5. Work environment control: Too hot? Too cold? Working online means you get to adjust your air-conditioning or heating to your liking without worrying about colleagues' preferences. Want to blast your favorite tunes while you work? Go for it! And if you prefer working outdoors, take your laptop and head to your garden or even the beach – as long as there's an internet connection, the world is your oyster.

Jobs without borders

6. Jobs without borders: Thanks to technology, working online opens up a whole new world of job opportunities. You can work with clients from all over the globe – Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia/Oceania, and Antarctica! The possibilities are borderless and endless!

So there you have it – six happy truths about working online:

1. Choice and flexibility

2. Lower stress and anxiety levels (assuming your home is stress-free!)

3. Cost-cutting on transportation, wardrobe, childcare expenses, etc.

4. No commute means more time for productivity

5. More control over your work environment

6. Jobs without borders

Now that you know both the sad and happy truths about working online, it's time for some introspection:

Is this lifestyle calling out to you? Can you handle the challenges alongside these fantastic perks? Are you ready to embrace all those happy truths?

Before making a decision though, let's explore some of the most sought-after skills for online jobs together - click here to learn more.

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