If you are a startup entrepreneur who is just beginning to seriously explore the necessity and potentials of a Virtual Assistant for your business or perhaps you are already established in your business but keen on having a reliable addition to your team, the Light and Easy Pack comes in handy for you. The specific coverage of 10 hours a month depends on your business needs and wants. We will discuss it and I'll customize the package for you.

Pots and Pans we use!

For a fixed fee of $199 Your Business Ally offers a trial of five (5) working hours for everything that she serves. All of your $199 goes to selected purpose-driven organizations that she supports or to communities and individuals needing help and assistance. She figured this is better than a FREE Trial. Don't you think so too? And because she prepares and cooks almost everything virtual, she guarantees you the best value. Remember, you don't get Your Business Ally because she is inexpensive. You get her because she is good! Email Your Business Ally HERE to try her out for 5 hours.

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