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When you're starting out, you have to wear many hats. You do the shopping, cooking, serving, cleaning, bookkeeping, marketing, and everything else. And oh, when the kitchen catches fire, you have to put the fire off yourself too!


Perhaps you're not in the starting out phase anymore. Business is growing but you're still wearing the same number of hats if not more. They're definitely bigger and heavier hats this time because you're creating more menus, waiting more tables, washing more dishes and serving more guests. Can you still keep up? Damn, you hardly even have time to breathe! 


What happens to starting a business in order to live a life of freedom? You're not only locked up but also overwhelmed, exhausted and starved!

Clearly you could use some help in either starting or growing your business. You need someone to work in your business so you can work on it! 


Imagine someone else taking care of the itsy-bitsy but critical aspects of your business; mostly tasks that you are stuck into and deter you from getting down to matters that bring in more business to your business and more life to your life. 


She has the resources and skills to manage your calendar, emails, appointments, files and social media network. She prepares your reports and presentations. She develops your website and troubleshoots it too. She also makes your marketing collaterals such as your brochures, flyers, e-book, Valuable Free Offers (VFOs), etc. She even creates your marketing plans. She also helps you manage your team and business resources.


Now imagine her doing all these wonderful things for you in her own place using her own resources (experienced and skilled team included). She has her own health care plan, social security contribution and even a retirement plan. She pays for her own holiday escapades and coffee-tea breaks. Imagine her doing all of these regardless of where you are and where she is in the world.


Above all, imagine her being able to really understand your needs and aspirations treating them as if they were her own. Truly, she works hard in your business so you can work on it. She rallies behind your hardwork, your vision, your success and triumphs but she is also there to assist you in any way she can for you to thrive when confronted with challenges and if the road to success gets a little bumpy-bouncy.


Meet Your Business Ally. Just as you imagined. 

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