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what is a virtual business assistant

What is a Business Assistant?


Following is Your Business Ally's own definition of a Business Assistant:

A Business Assistant is a business professional who provides a proactive assistance and support to small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and business units of corporate organizations in setting up, running/ overseeing and growing their business. The specific kind of assistance a Business Assistant provides vary depending on skills and expertise. The business assistance that Your Business Ally provides is found HERE.


Is Your Business Ally a Virtual Assistant?


Yes, she is a Virtual Business Assistant. She works on projects and tasks you have for her in her own workplace using her own resources. She communicates with you using online tools and platforms such as email, Skype, Google Hangouts and some project management tools. That being said, she does work at a client's office when required and if her current location permits. 


Does she work at the client's premises (office)?


In some cases, yes. When you require for it and if your location is reasonably close to where Your Business Ally is currently physically located. At the moment, this is possible for clients in the Netherlands. 


Do I need to employ her in order to become my Business Assistant?


No. Your Business Ally works for you as a service contractor. No payroll and employment benefits to consider. You pay only for the services and at a rate that you both agreed on. 


What is the difference between Your Business Ally and my employees?


Your employee works for you under a contract of employment. You provide your employees with the necessary resources in order for them to deliver results and you compensate their work with wages and salaries. It is most likely that they work exclusively for you. On the other hand, Your Business Ally works on tasks and projects using her own resources. She does not receive salaries and wages. Instead she gets paid only for the actual work she does for you and your team at a rate that you both agreed on in advance. She also does not work exclusively for any client. 

What is a Business Assistant
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Do you work at the client's premises?
Do I need to employ you as a Business Assistant?
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