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Your Business Ally delivers each a la carte service virtually. You will receive her services fresh and right on time regardless of where you are in the world for as long as you have access to the internet. She uses the latest cloud-based solutions to make this possible. Below are 7 steps on how projects and tasks are delivered from start to finish.

Services delivered virtually

1. Contact

Contact Your Business Ally to discuss the type of service that you require. 


2. Service Agreement

Once the type of service and terms and condition are agreed on, Your Business Ally sends a Service Agreement. You then sign and send the document back to her. This will be done online using online file sharing tools such as Dropbox, Sugarsync, Skype, Google Drive, e-Sign documents or via email whichever works best for you.


3. Payment

You send payment as per signed Service Agreement. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, and band transfer (for clients in the Netherlands and in the Philippines). 


4. Official Work Begins

Your Business Ally will start working on the project or task as per agreed start date and according to terms and conditions in the Service Agreement.


5. Progress

Depending on the project or task at hand, Your Business Ally will send you a weekly progress report with timesheet and work diary attachments if needed via email or other online file sharing platforms. She uses time tracking softwares to make virtual time tracking possible. You will be provided with your own log in credentials to this time tracking software if she works for you for at least 15 hours a month. 


Alternatively, she will provide you with log in credentials to track time and progress via easy project management tools so that you can check and evaluate anytime you like how she is progressing with and where she is at the job at hand. 


6. More Progress

You may need to send payment again after a week's work if it is an hourly task. Hourly jobs are usually paid every Wednesday of the following work week. It can also be that Your Business Ally works for you for a fixed-price via her retainer packages and per project programs. Some of you may prefer other payment terms, so please refer to the terms and conditions as stated in the Service Agreement.


7. Project Completion

Completed project is delivered via online platforms that is most convenient and practical for you.

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