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frequently asked questions about virtual business assistance
Proactive Virtual Assistant.png

Do you need a Proactive Virtual Admin and Marketing Assistant for a very minimal number of hours a month? Someone who can be your "relief cook" and who can step in when you or another member of your kitchen brigade -- your business team -- couldn't get the job done due to a hectic business pace, lack of a specific skill set, etc.? Then, a Starter's Pack for 6 hours a month is the appropriate package for you. The specific coverage of 6 hours per month depends on your business needs and wants. CONTACT US to customize a package for you.

Proactice Virtual Assistant Service Package.png

If you are just beginning to seriously explore the necessity and potentials of a Proactive Virtual Admin and Marketing Assistant for your business or if you are keen on having a reliable addition to your team, the Light and Easy Pack comes in handy for you. The specific coverage of 12 hours a month depends on your business needs and wants. CONTACT US to customize a package for you.

Proactive Virtual Assistant Full Package.png

Do you require a reliable, experienced, proactive virtual admin and marketing assistance in planning your business menu -- your business processes and systems?  Do you wish that someone could just shop for you the ingredients -- business tools -- you need and then prepare and cook them all up to serve you and your business a healthy and delicious meal; a special dish made according to your business dietary needs and personal preferences? If so, the Full Course pack is right for you.


This package allows you to have 25 hours of virtual assistance each month. It is best if you are a growing entrepreneur trying to set up and or streamline business processes and systems to cater to your growing business needs but are too busy to do it all by yourself. If you need a helping hand from someone who truly understands the tools and platforms that a growing entrepreneur like you needs the most to keep thriving without the technical and non-technical overwhelm, this package is a perfect fit for you.


The specific coverage of 25 hours per month depends on your business needs and wants. CONTACT US to customize a package for you.

Proactive Virtual Assistant Chefs Choice.png

This package is usually availed by clients who've been with us for at least a year but new clients are certainly welcome. What's important though is for us to have a really good familiarity with the kind of business that you're running, how you run it, and your vision for it. A natural understanding of your work style, tastes, preferences, and restrictions is also key. This intimate familiarity is usually achieved after engaging with you for quite sometime. That's why this is a favorite choice for many of our loyal clients. 

This package includes services that may not be in the
standard menu but you might still need. Do you want us to cook up ideas that are exclusively special for you and your business? Want to test out a new a tool, a new system, a new platform? Want our expert opinion on anything related to our core services (admin and marketing, online course launch, website design and development, and marketing plans)?

Do you want to pay less and get more? Yes? Then this is the perfect package for you!

PLUS you get to enjoy our Extra Specials which include one or a combination of the following:


  • Free quarterly 90-minute one-on-one check in

  • Free quarterly statistical report with analysis and recommendations. This may include Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Facebook Insights, Email Marketing Analytics, etc. depending on whatever it is that you use for your business)

  • Yearly creation and/or update of your business' Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to streamline your systems, make your team and other resources more efficient and productive and to make sure that your business goes on even if a team member is on leave or unable to do their tasks for some reason  

  • Free website maintenance (e.g. theme upgrade, plugin updates, backups, and monthly website audit to make sure that everything is working as it should)

  • Other extra specials exclusive to your specific business needs and personal choice (e.g. Free Customer Relationship Management system - we use Zoho CRM, third party app subscription like Zapier, select Wordpress plugins including membership plugins, etc.)

CONTACT US to customize a package for you.

Each is a Retainer Package for a minimum of 12 months and applicable for Proactive Virtual Assistance and Online Course Launch Support services. Any unused hours for the month will be carried over to the next month although you may use your monthly hours within a period of ONLY 60 days. After 60 days, those hours will be considered fully consumed.

Excess hours will be charged extra based on your package's hourly rate. 


Recurring fees apply to all of the packages. That means that you will be charged a monthly recurring fee for the whole duration of the retainer agreement. 


It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the retainer packages BUT if you aren't ready for it yet, you can still avail of Your Business Ally's services for $59 per hour.  


For Website Development and Marketing Plan services, please contact us to discuss your requirements and for a fixed price quote. 


There is NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. But we provide a 5-hour trial for only $199 which is also non-refundable. After the trial, you may decide whether to go ahead or not with Your Business Ally's virtual business assistance services. 

Services of a Virtual Assistant
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