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Marketing Plan

All-original healthy delight. Especially concocted for you and your business to grow and succeed! 


As the heart and soul of your business, you are the most qualified person to plan and develop its affairs. You are the "chef de cuisine" and thus the "All Original Marketing Plan" is your creation.


















On the other hand, Your Business Ally acts as your Deputy Kitchen Chef, Senior Chef, Cook and even your Kitchen Girl. She helps you not only to get started in creating your All Original Marketing Plan into perfection but also in making the process easy for you from start to finish.


The make-up of your business and your goals and objectives direct the essence and details of your marketing plan. Your Business Ally is here to help you bring your ideas into an implementable plan.


She offers the following variations for your All Original Marketing Plan:

proactive virtual assistance marketing plan.png

Please click on the photo above to view a detailed outline of each marketing plan variation.

Light Marketing Plan

A marketing plan that is done in no more than 16 hours. If you are clear on why you embark on that particular business of yours and you have the "right" reason for bringing it forward to humanity, then Your Business Ally can definitely help you with the Light marketing plan. 

Regular Marketing Plan

A full course, hearty-meaty marketing plan that includes all of your basic marketing activities and more. 


Maxi Marketing Plan

The ultimate marketing plan. An elaborately prepared, "feast-y" plan.

Please contact Your Business Ally to discuss your requirements and for a fixed price quote. 

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