How to Customize Typeface and Form Fields in Your PDF Document [Part 2: Fillable PDF]

Now that you know how to create basic fillable PDFs using single line and multi-line text fields, I will now show you how to customize form fields by changing its font face, font size, font color, duplicate form fields, and much more.

PART 2: Customizing your fillable PDFs

I. Get Started

1) I have uploaded my PDF Form Sample in and I am ready to make it fillable. Go ahead and do the same.

2) Adding form field: Remember, click on Form Field under the Insert tab on the upper right corner. For the Form Field type I have selected “Text”. Hold and drag to fill up the text box. This is what mine looks like below.

II. Work it Out a Bit

Now you might have noticed above your PDF sheet that these settings popped up for the particular form field you just made.

3) Change the font face, font size, and font color to your preference. Also, go ahead and click on B (bold) and I (Italicized). I have changed these settings to my preference and have typed the word “Name” shown in the image below. Simple, right?