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A Dollar Can Go a Long Way

Geez, it has been one long month since my last blog post and to think that this is just my second blog. I really have to get better at this. :-)

I promised to keep you posted of what we have been up to in terms of making use of the $199 virtual assistance trial amount you paid to Your Business Ally. Here's one of those updates.

Meet these two Filipino girls (they are sisters). Xyrelle is now on her second year of high school and Shaira on her 5th year in Elementary grade. Your Business Ally has been helping support their education for about 5 years now. They both go to a public school which is supposedly for free except that it is not really totally free. To be honest, Your Business Ally is sending only US$45 to both of them on a monthly basis (that is US$22.50 each). I wish I could give more but there are many others too who need our help so we are thinly spreading the funds out and this is what we can afford for now.

The title above says 'A Dollar Can Go a Long Way' because $1of the $45 we send is spent for their daily school lunch. Lunch does not come with a glass of milk though but nonetheless a decent lunch enough to last them until the school day ends at 5PM.

They go to school 20 days in a month so that leaves them another $25 still which they spend on paper, notebooks, pens, other school materials and daily school projects. I have no idea how their mother can still manage to use some of the amount to buy school uniforms and shoes every school year opening. I think it is mostly thanks to 'Ukay Ukay' (the local word for "thrift shops").

Xyrelle and Shaira are definitely one of the most determined girls I've ever met in my entire life so far and I hope they stay this way for a long long time.

It was very heartwarming when they sent me these photos of appreciation.

This is most especially a Thank You to you my beautiful clients. For without you trying out Your Business Ally's virtual business assistance services, it will be a challenge for us to to reach out and help kids like Xyrelle and Shaira.

So, thanks to you! :-)

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