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A Proactive Virtual Assistant's Blog: What I Bake For You?

Hi! I am Queenie Verhoeven and welcome to Your Business Ally's blog page! So what do I bake here for you? It's actually a variety of different stuff that's meant to fill you and your small business with healthy-nutritious goodness. This blog page is created with the following intentions:

As you know, I offer six hours trial for every virtual assistance service that I provide at a fixed cost of only $199. This amount goes to purpose-driven organizations that I support and/or to communities and individuals needing help and assistance. It is in this blog page where you will get to know where your $199 goes to and the people and causes that you have helped with that amount. I will post photos and updates about all of that here on this page.

Another intention of this page is for it to become a rich resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are on a shoestring budget but need to efficiently automate business processes. Anything that I think is helpful, I will blog about it here. I will only post about something that I myself have tried and tested and will share with you what works, what does not work (and why). All based on my own personal experience. Take note though that we all have different businesses and work style and what works for me and my clients may not necessarily work for you.

You will also find here my points of view about Virtual Assistants, Business Assistants, Online Business Managers, Entrepreneur Assistants and the whole virtual assistance industry.

If you are a small business owner who needs a virtual assistant or considers having one, you will find this page a good resource for honest tips and views on how to find, hire, nurture and retain that perfect virtual assistant for you.

If you yourself is a start up virtual assistant, you will find this page helpful as I will be sharing here my journey to setting up a virtual assistance office that started with no financial investment and with a rate of believe it or not $1.00 per hour to what I am still trying to build now and to what I hope it will become in the future.

After nine (9) years of providing virtual assistance to small business owners, it was really only in June 2014 when I started running my practice as a business, full blast. Thus, I myself am also a start-up entrepreneur and growing. I would love for you to join me in my journey and together let's discover the best route to success in the virtual assistance industry and beyond.

Now, while I am confident that I am excellent in what I do as a Virtual Business Assistant and I wrote everything myself that is in here on my website, I am far from being a super awesome and talented writer/blogger. I also don't offer blogging as one of my services. Writing is not my forte but I will keep improving as we move along. :-)

Also, I am not a native English speaker and even if I come from a country (The Philippines) that uses English as a second language, I am not very fluent at it. Actually, this is one of the reasons why I don't offer blogging services. Well, I can very well set up your blogs but you'll have to write them yourself. I'll take care of making sure that people get to read what you have written. :-)

So, bear with me if you sometimes see errors in grammar, sentence construction, etc. My intention here is to provide good and helpful content and I believe that for as long as I write from the heart with good and honest intentions, someone will benefit from it.

So I hope you'll enjoy reading some of the upcoming posts!

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