Imagine someone else taking care of the itsy-tiny-bitsy but critical stuff of your business. Mostly things that you are stuck into and deter you from getting down to matters that bring in more business to your business and more life to your life. 


She has the resources and skills to manage your calendar, emails, appointments, files and social media network. She prepares your reports and presentations. She customizes your website, marketing materials and helps you in your marketing plan. She also helps you manage your team and business resources.


Now imagine her doing all these wonderful things for you in her own place using her own resources. She has her own health care plan, social security contribution and even a retirement plan. She pays for her own holiday escapes and coffee-tea breaks. Imagine her doing all of these regardless of where you are and where she is in the world.


Above all, imagine her being able to really understand your needs and aspirations treating them as if they were her own. Truly, she works hard in your business so you can work on it. She rallies behind your hardwork, your vision, your success and triumphs but she is also there to assist you in any way she can for you to thrive when confronted with challenges and if the road to success gets a little bumpy-bouncy.


Meet Your Business Ally. Just as you imagined. 

Pots and Pans we use!

For a fixed fee of $199 Your Business Ally offers a trial of six (6) working hours for everything that she serves. All of your $199 goes to selected purpose-driven organizations that she supports or to communities and individuals needing help and assistance. She figured this is better than a FREE Trial. Don't you think so too? And because she prepares and cooks almost everything virtual, she guarantees you the best value. Remember, you don't get Your Business Ally because she is inexpensive. You get her because she is good! Email Your Business Ally HERE to try her out for 6 hours.

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