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Click HERE to view the full course outline of Online Job: The 6-Step Process to Successfully Land a Legit Online Job.

How do you successfully start working online? Is it for you?  What's legit and what's fake? How much are you going to earn? Where do you find all these online jobs? How do you apply for a virtual job? How to get hired by legit employers? 


Get answers to these questions and much more. This online course is 80% hands-on and action-packed and walks you through step-by-step the way to landing a virtual job and starting an online career. Click HERE for details



Are you keen on working from home as a Professional Virtual Assistant? Then, this course is for you. Email for more details. 


The majority of other courses out there about becoming a Virtual Assistant are just theories without action. This one is different. It is 80% hands-on, on-the-job training. Definitely a course to take if you want to start your online career as a Virtual Assistant right. 


"Queenie is an impressive and dedicated mentor. She provides precise course content and practical assignments. I appreciate her efforts to individually go through all the assignments and also in giving us extensive feedback. I thoroughly enjoyed following the Starter's Pack where we went through all the basic and "must do's" when searching for an online job. 


I am looking forward to learning much more in the One-on-One Mentoring and the Apprentice programs."


Dr. Falguni Kothari 

Homeopathic Doctor / Expat / Wife


"I really love the step-by-step guide towards landing a legitimate virtual job that this course provides. I would say though that this course will work only for those who are really serious on learning about working online. It is mostly hands-on training and there are several assignments to complete. So, if you don't put effort into this course, I don't think you will benefit from it. But hey, it is all worth it and it is only for 8 weeks. :-) 


Two weeks after completing the course, I landed my first legit online job as a Virtual Assistant, working part time 5 hours a week for a business coach. That's a good start, I think!"


Sophia van Buren



Queenie facilitated an Online Job 101 workshop at Shell Outpost in The Hague, the Netherlands. It was sort of  a glimpse of her Online Job 101 course - and it was value packed! We learned so much about telecommuting jobs. All participants left very well informed and everyone has a positive feedback about the workshop content and the manner of presentation. If that 2 hour workshop delivered so much value, I'm 100% sure that the 8 week Online Job 101 program delivers so much more! It can land you a legit online job in no time (if you do the work of course!)


Vinod Colaco

Relocation Advisor (2018-2019)

Shell Outpost
The Hague, the Netherlands

I would love to hear from you. ALL questions and comments about the course are welcome. Click HERE to email me.

"Queenie is hands-on and knows what she talks about plus I really felt her sincerity all throughout, from the first module, to the time when I nervously sent my first online job applications. After sending out 14 applications in a week and still not getting any interview, I complained and almost gave up!  Yes, not much patience, I know. But Queenie was there to push me telling me to try 7 applications a day. Whaatt?!!? Seven a day?!!? I thought that was not possible but I was wrong. I have now done two small projects so far (converting text from a 30-page PDF document to MSWord and filing receipts/ invoices in Dropbox.."

Monique Goldwater

Mother and Housewife


"I already have had some knowledge about online jobs before I started the course Online Job 101 but I was not on the right track. There is just so much information on the internet that without proper guidance it can be overwhelming and difficult to segregate the legit from scam job sites. So my general perception at the beginning was that online-jobs were more of scams than legit.


I used to work as an Accountant in Nepal but moved to Germany for further studies. As a university student, I was randomly searching for information on online jobs but when I did Online Job 101 it became easier for me to move through the different phases of my online job search. The sequence of each course lesson gave me a clear overview of online job requirements and popular job platforms. Queenie's continued support is also another factor, which kept me moving through this learning process. "

Sagar Sharma

Accountant / Post Graduate Student


I took it for my wife who is a caregiver in the Middle East. The demands of her job made it difficult for her to follow the course so I did the course with the intention of transferring the knowledge to her. And boy oh boy, what a treasure I found here. This can definitely be an option for my wife should she decides to stop working as a caregiver. And, now that I've thought about it, this can be an option for me too. 


Lawrence Pang

Office Clerk


I learned so much about the ins and outs of working online from this course and through my one-on-one interaction and consultation with Queenie. Immediately after taking this course, I landed my first online job via Upwork and received several online job offers. 

Although I eventually didn't pursue working online and opted to now work as an instructor in my local college, I definitely would say that
Online Job 101 course is a must for those who are keen on venturing into the online job world. 

Rowena Marie Lapez

College Instructor


"I have been hearing about work-at-home jobs for years now and as an expat wife who moves from country to country every so often, I was interested to venture into working online. But I got scared of all the online job scams that I have been hearing about so I kept putting it off until after I did the Online Job 101 course with Queenie.


The course thoroughly went over many websites and job postings that are scams. The lessons on tell-tale signs of a fake online job was so helpful. I would say that my scam radar has really been sharpened after taking this course. Queenie also directed us to websites, groups, and job platforms where legitimate online jobs can be found.


I am still at the stage where I am weighing in my options and circumstances before fully diving into a work-at-home job but I am now equipped for it in case I decide to work online. Thanks to this course!

Danae Yankovich

Housewife and Young Mother / Expat


"This course really opened my eyes to the world of work-at-home jobs. I've always thought that online jobs are only for people who have skills in data entry and research work.  I've never imagined that the possibilities for various jobs are almost endless. I am an elementary substitute teacher teaching Mathematics to 8-year old kids. While I have tried giving private tutorial lessons on the side, I've never done it online. Actually didn't think there was a demand for my mathematical skills online until I bumped into this course.

Lorena Lopez

Elementary Teacher


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